Zoom’s post pandemic preparation plans

What happened: Zoom is looking to expand beyond videoconferencing to email and calendar services.

Why: Zoom’s had a great year. Revenue quadrupled. Stock price up 500%. But it fears what will happen when its heydays ends? After the pandemic, people wouldn’t want to WFH anymore. Revenue might be worse than before.

Why email and calendar service could be a good step forward:

  • Future-proof: No. of WFH meetings will go down but email and calendars aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.
  • Useful Bundling: Meetings, email and calendar are related to each other. Zoom can make it all work together. You schedule a meeting on Zoom, it goes automatically to your Zoom calendar and Zoom emails details to everyone else. Synchronisation might make for a good reason for people to adopt Zoom’s products.
  • Other big players already do this: Zoom’s main competitors—Google and Microsoft—already have email and calendar apps of their own.

For the future: Zoom wants to make a full enterprise app suite. If Zoom moves fast and makes a good reason for people to use these things, it might be the top email and calendar soon.

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