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Big Tech CEOs react to Violence at US Capitol

Tim Cook tweeted: Mark Zuckerberg (in a memo to employees): “saddened by this mob violence. The peaceful transition of power is critical to the functioning of our democracy, and we need our political leaders to lead by example and put the nation first,” per the New York Times. Sundar Pichai (in a note to employees): “Holding free and safe elections…

WhatsApp’s no more private. Stop using it.

Soon, WhatsApp will ask you to either accept its new terms and privacy policy or delete your account right now. Before you decide, know that accepting this means WhatsApp will send *all* of your data (except messages) to Facebook to show you ads. This includes: Your phone numberWho you send money to using WhatsApp PayHow…

Biggest Changes to the US Drone Law

Flying a drone and not sharing your location isn’t something you will be able to legally do in the US in 2023. The US Federal Aviation Administration issued the single biggest set of changes to the US Drone Law. And here’s a brief:

Antitrust Probe on Alibaba

What happened: China’s antitrust watchdog, the State Administration of Market Regulation, announced a one-of-first-of-it’s-kind antitrust probe into the country’s biggest tech giant, Alibaba.

Big Tech Makes Friends.

Backstory: Last week, 10 US States sued Google for cutting a deal with Facebook to avoid competition. The lawsuit states that they Facebook agreed to not compete with Google’s online advertising tools in exchange for special treatments in web ad auctions. But: Much of the details remained unknown because the lawsuit was heavily redacted. What…

The tech’s China problem

What happened: A Chinese Zoom executive was charged by US Deptt of Justice for sending data of US-based users to Chinese civilian spy agency, Ministry Of State Security. Chinese laws: Researchers have long warned that Chinese government can ask US businesses with employees based there to share private data. Zoom also abides by those Chinese…

Apple on the roads, “like the first time you saw the iPhone”

What happened: Two Apple insiders say Apple’s planning to launch a passenger vehicle in 2024. “Project Titan”, as they call it, was in the works since 2014.  Being the giant Apple is, financially, will it make sense to make a car? It took Tesla 17 years to become profitable.  Driving this idea: Apple’s unique “monocell”…

EU’s two bills against Big Tech

What happened: The EU proposed 2 bills on Tuesday that, if passed, would empower regulators to levy fines on the Big Tech up to 6–10% of their annual worldwide revenue or, worse yet, break them up.

Apple launches privacy labels on App Stores.

What are they: Every app page on the iOS App Store will now have a section about what data it collects about you. This is what Apple calls privacy labels, inspired from nutrition labels.