Biggest Changes to the US Drone Law

Flying a drone and not sharing your location isn’t something you will be able to legally do in the US in 2023. The US Federal Aviation Administration issued the single biggest set of changes to the US Drone Law. And here’s a brief:

  • You’ll have to broadcast your and your drone’s location when flying a drone in the US.
  • And a private supplier company should store this location data for at least 6 months, for a monthly fee.
  • And that doesn’t mean you can fly your drone anywhere. It still needs to be in sight all the time.

Currently: To fly a drone, you just need to slap a sticker with an ID number on the drone, which isn’t even visible up there.


  • DJI, the biggest consumer drone manufacturer, argues these rules make drone-flying harder. Storing location data by private companies will make drones ~20% costlier per year.

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