WhatsApp’s no more private. Stop using it.

Soon, WhatsApp will ask you to either accept its new terms and privacy policy or delete your account right now. Before you decide, know that accepting this means WhatsApp will send *all* of your data (except messages) to Facebook to show you ads. This includes:

  • Your phone number
  • Who you send money to using WhatsApp Pay
  • How you chat with your contacts (and when)
  • Which phone you use and it’s IP address.
  • And more.
Credits: XDA Developers.

WhatsApp has this data collection since mid last year but unlike now, it was not mandatory then.

This is an extreme violation of privacy. The popular saying “When the product is free, you’re the product” applies here.

Stop using WhatsApp now. Here are 2 privacy-friendly WhatsApp alternatives: TelegramSignal. Try them you’ll find almost all of your contacts there.

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