When you make iPhones but don’t get paid enough to buy one.

What happened: Complaining of reduced wages, employees of an iPhone manufacturing plant near Bengaluru damaged the plant’s furniture, assembly lines and even tried to set fire on parked cars.

  • Wistron Corporation, a Taiwan-based tech company had set up this plant, and many others, early this year to make iPhone SE.

Talking to Times Of India, an engineering grad who works there said he was promised a salary of ₹21k a month but it was reduced to ₹16k and then to ₹12k.

Behind the scenes: Karnataka’s labour minister says Wistron has ~1200 permanent employees and 8900 contract employees. And Wistron seems to have handed down the salary to contract companies, who haven’t handed it down to the employees for 3 months.

After effects:

  • Karnataka Govt issued Wistron a notice to clear all salary dues within the next 3 days.
  • Apple said it has teams on-ground investigating at Wistron’s facility. And that they’re dedicated to ensuring everyone in its supply chain is treated with dignity and respect.
  • In a regulatory filing in Taiwan, Wistron said it “always abides by the law, and fully supports and is cooperating with relevant authorities”
  • Wistron, in a police report, accused more than 5,000 contract workers and some 2,000 unknown people of destruction of property worth 4.38 billion rupees ($60 million). The police arrested 149 people while also searching for more.

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