Apple on the roads, “like the first time you saw the iPhone”

What happened: Two Apple insiders say Apple’s planning to launch a passenger vehicle in 2024. “Project Titan”, as they call it, was in the works since 2014.  Being the giant Apple is, financially, will it make sense to make a car? It took Tesla 17 years to become profitable.  Driving this idea: Apple’s unique “monocell” […]


Facebook is attacking Apple with full-page newspaper ads.

What happened: Facebook is running some ads on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, that say: “We’re standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere.”


Apple launches privacy labels on App Stores.

What are they: Every app page on the iOS App Store will now have a section about what data it collects about you. This is what Apple calls privacy labels, inspired from nutrition labels.


When you make iPhones but don’t get paid enough to buy one.

What happened: Complaining of reduced wages, employees of an iPhone manufacturing plant near Bengaluru damaged the plant’s furniture, assembly lines and even tried to set fire on parked cars.