The tech’s China problem

What happened: A Chinese Zoom executive was charged by US Deptt of Justice for sending data of US-based users to Chinese civilian spy agency, Ministry Of State Security.

Chinese laws: Researchers have long warned that Chinese government can ask US businesses with employees based there to share private data.

  • Zoom also abides by those Chinese laws which requires it to hand over information and terminate meetings that are against Chinese laws.
  • Xinjiang Jin, the now-terminated Zoom employee worked as “primary liaison” for the Chinese govt to regularly respond to their moderation requests.
  • They were found to violating Zoom’s Terms Of Service when the US DOJ found they sent email addresses, names and IP addresses of people outside China.

Chinese risk: The US Security and Exchange Commission has warned Zoom of the risk of having high number of R&D employees in China. But Zoom says it’s most cost-effective way to do it. Zoom, however, has said it’d increase number of employees in the US.

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